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The following are what some of our clients have said:

Thank you for a simple, intuitively-designed, and easy-to-use bit of software. I struggled my way through another product's offering, only to give up in frustration. I got this year's filing done in record time.

Heather D., Haliburton, ON

I'm using Tax Chopper (Cute Tax) for 4 years now and I found it extremely easy and friendly for any category of users, from novice to expert. A simple Tax Return can be done with just a few clicks and in a matter of minutes. The support is excellent. I'll recommend it to anybody who files a Tax Return.

A. D. Mississauga, ON.

I'd like to thank you "CuteTax" for the great service and prompt support you provide to your clients. Last year I did my tax return through your site and got more money back than what my previous accountant assessed for me. I also did this year's tax return using your services and was very happy with the prompt responses your support team had for my questions. As a token of my appreciation to your good services, I recommended a few friends to use your site and save money, and will continue to recommend more.

Again, thanks for being there for us.

N.B from NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario

Thanks again this year for your wonderful product. I just filed my taxes without a hitch. You couldn't have made it easier.

T. K from BRAMPTON, Ontario

I just wanted to leave a testimonial about using your service!

My income , including business income is under the 20,000 criteria, so I was able to do my taxes online anyway using Cutetax! Wow some things in life are still free, especially for an emerging business(The back bone of the economy- I hope you get some funding from Rev Canada for this service!!!)

It was very thorough and detailed, and best of all it worked with my Macintosh computer!
no problems, glitches at all - very impressive!

Thanks to you I will get a little refund back faster than filing by mail!

keep in touch , and we will buy your software once we are in that bracket - lets hope it is sooner than later eh!


Jason from Vancouver, British Columbia

it is feb.13 at 7:30am and i have just filed my tax return!....every commercial tax preparer i went to wanted to charge anywhere from $60.00 to $85.00 to do a simple return for a pensioner! thank goodness i found your web site.......i am a pensioner and in all my days i have never used such a simple system to file a return......PERIOD.....and for ME it was free.......even the netfile was a step by step process......please believe me citizens........and use the CUTETAX SYSTEM.......filing any tax return always should have been this long and prosper.......

H. H from BRANTFORD, Ontario

I have just finished submitting my taxes using CuteTax's service. I am so impressed that I simply had to send in my comments.

I initially tried to use several other major tax software companies web sites to submit my Taxes, however as a Unix and Mozilla user I was denied. How fortunate for me though!

CuteTax worked great, and took no longer than 15 minutes from the time I logged on, to the time my taxes were submitted with NetFile. The ability to save PDF files of my actual return was an added bonus I am extremely grateful for. This is another feature that Canadian Unix users everywhere will appreciate. Also, as a student my income was significantly less than $20k, and as a result CuteTax let me submit my tax return for free.

I couldn't have asked for better service, even if I had actually asked for it!

Thank you CuteTax, not only will I be back next year, but I will mention your service to everyone I know.
A truly satisfied customer,

T. B

Just a quick note to say thank you so very much for your quick response to our questions yesterday. Thanks to you we have successfully filed our taxes online tonight. We will definitely be filing with your service in the future.


P. T.


Thank you once again. Have completed my return and sent to CRA via Netfile. Appreciate your help. Had to just tell you how pleased I am with your service. I am very new with computers and technology and got through it finally. Will definitely refer people on to cutetax!

All the best.

K. A.


Thank you for your help, I have completed my returns and filed it using NETFILE.
I just wanted to commend you on your website and software, I found it much easier and faster to use than your competitors (which I used in prior years), I have also found your technical support of a much higher quality.

S. W. from TORONTO, Ontario


I am finished now.

Everything went fine - you have your money and my file was sent and confirmed.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For doing such a wonderful job. I was afraid to do this - but you were so good at your job you made me feel ok about this process of sending tax information on the computer.

I appreciate your hard work - and that you helped me so much

Take care and have a great year.

From a happy customer

L. C.


I used your system last month to file returns for my husband and myself, for the last 6 years we have paid from $175 to $200 to have tax consultants do this for us, as not being used to the Canadian system I was nervous to try doing it for myself, but after reading your ad on line I decided to try, and I want to state my appreciation for the back up I was given with each query I sent in, (and there were a few!) we have received notice back from Revenue Canada that the returns are correct, no problems, and I certainly have no problem with your charge.

B. C.


Thank you very much for your excellent and speedy response to my problem, I done what you told me and was able to complete and submit both my wife's and my own tax return ( not bad for me I'm 66). But I could never have made it without your professional help. I will be using cutetax from now on, and spreading the good word.

Thanks again

A. J.


If one of the above testimonials is yours and you do not want it to appear on our website, please let us know and we will remove it immediately.
At CuteTax, we are very, very proud that we have so many great clients. Our service is not absolutely perfect, and we are striving everyday to make it better and better, for the sake of our great clients. One of our motto is: Never let any client down.

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A great learning tool !
If you don't know much about Canadian tax, use Tax Chopper Online to find it out!
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