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Tax Chopper - Canadian Income Tax Software - Feature Highlights

NETFILE Certified by CRA since the 2002 Tax Year
Since then, Tax Chopper has passed CRA's NETFILE certification every year (under the name CuteTax Online before March 2009).
Prepare Tax Returns for Your Family
You can prepare up to 15 returns for your family in one account, regardless of your income, geographic location or the complexity of your taxes. Family tax credits and transfers among family members can be claimed seamlessly. Everyone's situation is taken into account during optimization and you will get the maximum refund under the law. More...
Joint Investment Account
Joint account income (from T3, T5 slips) and capital gains can be shared by two people, and you only need to enter the information once. Both persons can see and change the shared numbers.
Joint Business Income Reporting
Business activity can be shared by more than one person. Changes made by one person will apply to all others.
Supports All Kinds of Self-employment Business Reporting
We fully support rental, business, commission, professional, fishing and farming businesses (including AgriStability and AgriInvest programs).
Cross-Province Transfer
Even if you and your spouse or other dependants lived in different provinces in the tax year, TaxChopper is still able to apply the tax rules precisely and ensure the maximum possible benefit for you.
Optimal Pension Splitting
For pensioners, Tax Chopper is the ONLY software that can predict the exact best splitting amount which gives you the maximum total tax refund. We have solved the equation once and for all.
Situation Oriented
Instead of filling in your tax forms line by line, Tax Chopper lets you focus on your real situation: T-slips, number of children, real expenses. More...
Using Tax Chopper, many clients are surprised at how simple their taxes actually are. See demo
The communication between your browser and our server is through 256-bits encryption, which is employed by most major financial institutions. Our server room is in a building in downtown Toronto and the security of the building is the best in Canada. It is the same building big Canadian banks locate their data centers.
Finish Your Return within Minutes
Entering your numbers into TaxChopper takes just a matter of minutes. More...
Test "What-if" Scenarios Easily
With TaxChopper, you can test "what-if" scenarios easily
Finish Your Tax Online
Being a web application, TaxChopper is compatible with all major browsers running on MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix. List...
Print Real Tax Forms
Download printable Adobe PDF files with your data on the forms. You can then keep these printed documents for future reference.
2D Barcode Printing
We have been getting the CRA's annual 2D Barcode approval every year since 2005. If you need to file your return by paper, turning on the 2D barcode printing will get your return processed quickly and accurately, because the CRA will not enter and re-calculate your numbers again.
Carry Forward
If you used our software last year, you can get your profile and carry forward unused claims from last year.
Account Download and Upload
You can store your Tax Chopper account on your own desktop. Simply download your file to your own computer and remove it from our server. Next time you log in, you can upload your file and continue doing your taxes.
Delete Your Information
You can delete your information from our server completely at any time.
Faster Refunds
If you file your return with NETFILE, you may expect to receive your refund as early as 8 business days after filing.
Free Year-Round Support
Our support team is always here to help you prepare your taxes and file your return. After filing, if the CRA ever audits you, we help you deal with it.
Maximum Refund Guaranteed
If you can find any other calculation that gives you bigger refund or less balance due, we will return your service fee in full. More...
Accuracy Guaranteed
Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund your service fee in full. Details ...
Top-notch Product with Extremely Low Price
Thanks to our stringent fiscal management style, no service with the same quality can beat our price.
Pay Only When You are Ready to File
You can try the software before you buy; calculations and result checking (we display almost all the numbers on your return) are free. You need to make a payment only if you are satisfied with the results and ready to file or download your return.
Prepare Returns for New Immigrants

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Canadian Income Tax Software-Netfile Ceritified

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