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Tax Professionals

Tax professionals are those who have an EFile number from the CRA and need to use this number to file returns for their clients.

Filer Accounts are shared with our T1 system. There is no need to register your EFile Number again if you have used our T1 E-Filing.

Your payment is linked to your EFile number and you can have multiple accounts.

If you are not a tax professional, you can still prepare and file returns for more than one corporation within one account. Your payment is linked to the account you use.

There is only one site, which can be used to prepare T2 returns by both tax professionals and individual business owners.

Differences from T1

For T1, your purchases will never expire, however, they can only be used for the tax year in which they were purchased and earlier tax years.

For T2, your purchase can be used for any tax year, however, it will expire 366 days after the first application of the purchase.

Choosing TaxChopper, will save time, save money!
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