What if I found a mistake after my return has been filed to CRA?

If your return has been filed with errors, it is possible that CRA has corrected some or all errors for you based on their record. You can check your Notice of Assessment from CRA. If the errors have not been corrected on your assessment, you have the following options to change your return:

  1. File a paper T1-ADJ form; This option is slow (up to 8 weeks), however you can correct all kinds of mistakes using this form.
  2. Make changes using your CRA "My Account". This method is usually easy and fast to get a result.
  3. For returns of current and 3 previous tax years, you can use our ReFile service to make changes and to re-file to the CRA electronically.
Before you can refile an amended return in TaxChopper, you need to mark the return as Amended at the page "Submission Settings". If you don't see the link to this page, you can use "submission" as key word to search and get to this page.

Option 2) and 3) is fast, however, certain errors are not allowed to be corrected, you can find the limitation on CRA website.

Here is CRA guide on How to change your return.

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