How to confirm my return has been filed?

When you finish the steps filing your return to CRA, you will see a short message and a confirmation number from CRA. This confirms your return is received by CRA.

If you are not sure you've ever got a confirmation number, you can log back in to your account, go to "File Your Returns" page, click "File Now" again, you should see your confirmation number if the return has been successfully filed.

Note: You don't file the return by making the payment to us. A payment receipt from us is only a proof that you have paid for our tax preparation service. After you pay, you still need to go through the final steps to send the return. It is just a few clicks but you need to do it by yourself.
CRA filing protocol does not allow the payment to trigger an automatic filing. And many clients need to continue working on their returns after the payment. That is why we can not let the payment trigger an auto-filing.

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